Q. How long will the Installation take?

A. The Installation process varies depending on the layout and the type of materials being used, Most Installations are completed the same day they are started. Once we have the size and layout of your project we will be able to give you a more accurate timeline.


Q. Do you remove my old counter tops, or do I?

A. Our crews are well equipped to handle the removal of your old countertop and would be more than happy to do so. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or if you have any further questions.


Q. Can I keep my Tile back splash?

A. This depends greatly on how the Tile was originally Installed, in some cases the Tile can remain, but we cannot guarantee that no Tiles will be cracked or otherwise damaged in the tear-out process or Installation process.


Q. Will there be a lot of mess to clean up?

A. As with any Remodeling project there will be a certain amount of dust and debris. Our Installation crews do take measures to limit the amount of dust created while in your home, and clean up the debris when they finish. It is reasonable to expect to have some final cleaning to do after the project is completed.


Q. Should I Paint/Stain before, or after the Counter tops are Installed?

A. After is typically the best, as some dings and/or scratches may occur during the Installation process.


Q. Does my granite have a warranty?

A. While natural granite itself does not have any warranties, Countertop Specialties Does have a 1 year warranty on the Installation of your Granite counter tops.


Q. Does my Quartz counter top have a warranty?

A. Most Quartz manufacturers do carry a warranty on their product, the length of warranty differs with each manufacturer, All of our Installations we carry a 1 year Installation warranty.


Q. Does my Solid surface counter top have a warranty?

A. Most Solid surface manufacturers do carry a warranty on their product, the length of warranty differs with each manufacturer. All of our Installations carry a 1 year Installation warranty.


Q. What do I do if my counter top breaks, or there is some other issue?

A. Contact us right away, we will send some one out to assess the issue. Then, depending on your product, we will determine whether or not the manufacturer needs to be contacted regarding their warranty.


Q. Is your company Insured?

A. Yes


Q. Do I need support brackets or Corbels for my over hang?

A. That depends on your stone thickness, type, and the amount of overhang. Typically for 2cm anything over 6" will need support, for 3cm anything over 10" will need support. For more specific information click Here


Q. Will my seam be visible, or will I be able to feel it?

A. We cannot guarantee your seam will disappear, or that you will not be able to feel it. Our Installation teams are very good at what they do. We use a digital template system with CNC   cutting and edging technology, this means our seams will meet, and most often exceed industry standards.


Q. Can I put a hot pan on my countertop?

A. We do not recommend putting hot pans directly on your countertop, it is always best to use a trivet. Quartz and Solid surface can scorch at high temperatures, and even though Granite has the highest heat resistance no countertop is impervious to heat.


Q. Can I cut on my countertop?

A. If you have Solid surface countertops you will damage them if you don't use a cutting board.  Granite and Quartz countertops are scratch resistant but we do not recommend cutting directly on them because you could mar the surface of the countertop and or damage your kitchen knives.


Q. Could my granite be a health hazard due to radon, or radiation?

A. Organizations like the Marble Institute of America have done extensive testing to determine the safety/health risks of using Granite in the home, in short the results have shown no health risks in any of the imported stones they tested. For more information on this click Here.


Q. Why does the Granite I want have more than one name?

A. One "color" of Granite may come from several different Quarries across it's country of origin, so some Distributors will give the Granite from Quarry "A" a different name than the stone   from Quarry "B" because they are natural and can sometimes very quite a bit in color and veining, this is done to try and limit the confusion of calling every black and yellow granite "St.Cecilia".


Q. Does my Granite need to be sealed?

A. Granite does not have to be sealed, but it does improve the performance of the stone by preventing water penetration and staining. Our Installation crews seal all of our Granite Installations upon completion.


Q. Does my Granite ever need to be resealed?

A. Yes, depending on the type of Granite you have it will need to be resealed every few years. A good way to check this is to fill a glass with Ice Water and put it on your counter for a few minutes to sweat (don't use a coaster). Move the Glass and look for a dark circle, if there is one, this means the stone is absorbing the water and you may want to re-seal it.


Q. Where can I see my Material?

A. If you choose one of our stock Granite colors you can view it at our Facility in Tulsa, or you can select your stone in person from one of our Distributors. At this time Quartz, Portofino, and Solid Surface are selected from color samples.

 If you didn't find an answer to your Question here, please contact us by clicking on the link and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us